Gold Rush Times news – Toronto, Canada: Barrick reports 3.05.2020.

Drawing on experience gained combating Ebola outbreaks around its African operations, Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE:GOLD)(TSX:ABX) has increased its site-specific emergency response plans as well as regional crisis management plans to deal with any manifestation of COVID-19 in or near its mines globally.

The company said it had counselled all employees about the symptoms of the virus and the risk of contracting the infection. Access to each site across the group is strictly controlled and visitors, employees and contractors are routinely screened before and on arrival. Emergency medical procedures and facilities are in place across the organization.

Barrick is closely monitoring the situation, engaging with health authorities and tracking updates from the international medical community. Thus far, it has not deemed it necessary to introduce any travel restrictions.

Supplies to its mines have not been affected but the company is increasing its inventory of key commodities to above their normal level. Placed and forecast orders are intact.

Barrick said it has a long record of investing in health in the areas around its operations and consequently is engaged with a high level of cooperation from local communities and authorities, as was the case with respect to previous epidemics it had managed.

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