GOLD RUSH TIMES news – Ludlow, VT: Au – Circa 1859, the Vermont Gold Rush started near the railroad and telegraph Village of Ludlow. The Black River flows into Ludlow south of Plymouth Ponds.  Plymouth Pond is fed by many small brooks where gold is present. Buffalo Brook flows into Reading Pond Brook which feeds into Plymouth Pond on the eastern side. The Vermont Gold Rush and the mineral mines were active, and so were stock investing and trading during the era.

Natural gold was first discovered where Buffalo Brook and Reading Pond Brook merge, and where native Indian families once lived. North of Buffalo Brook was the Plymouth Five Corners mines and Gould Brook.  The areas connected by paths that are now logging and recreational dirt roads primarily used for fishing access and snowmobiling.

Gold panning is a year round activity on State land and where landowners provide permission. Most recreational gold panners will find some gold during a weekend exploration. More experienced prospectors report finds up to 2 ounces for week long stays. Always respect other prospectors claims being worked. Digging in someone else’s hole can lead to a back country brawl.

Sometimes you may come across an armed team of gold panners. Side arms are permitted by law in Vermont and generally carried for personal protection. Don’t be intimidated, it just a confirmation of the presents of the modern Vermont Gold Rush.