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FBI Partially Recovers Gold Taken During Roadside Heist in North Carolina

Miami, FL: The FBI has released a photograph of one of the gold bars stolen during the March 1, 2015 gold heist in North Carolina. The gold bar, weighing approximately 26 pounds and valued between $470,000 and $500,000, was recently recovered in South Florida. “This confirms that there is a South Florida nexus to this crime,” said Justin E. Fleck, Supervisory…
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FBI NY – Chief Executive Officer and Orchestrator of $10 Million Advance Fee and Alaskan Gold Mine Investment Schemes Sentenced to More Than 20 Years’ Imprisonment

New York - - William C. Lange, the founder of Harbor Funding Group, Inc. (“HFGI”) and Black Sand Mine, Inc. (“BSMI”), was sentenced in federal court in Brooklyn to 262 months’ imprisonment. The defendant was remanded after sentencing. In September 2014, Lange pleaded guilty to two counts charging conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit securities fraud and wire…
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172,000 + Tonnes of Gold on Earth

Recreational Gold Nuggets from the Vermont Gold Rush during 2012. Estimated Counted Gold on earth or the gold reserve is near 172,000 tonnes.  1,000 kilograms is equivalent to approximately 2, pounds, tons (US) or tons (imperial). The usage is as follows: 49% for Jewelry, 19% Investment Bars and Coins, 17% Central Banks, 12% Industrial, 2% Unaccounted For, additional gold is mined…
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Panning Preparedness: Choosing the Proper Gold Pans

Ludlow, VT: Al's Antiques on VT103 North of the Village of Ludlow has many pans in stock to choose from. The blue pan offer multiple surfaces for gold separation. The blue pan is multi-stage. Wide riffles are used to  separate larger material and catch heavier pieces in the riffle. The blue pan also has smaller close riffles for finer material that remains as…
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Vermont’s Above Ground Gold Nuggets

Vermont's unearthed Gold  Nuggets are well protected by a historical society. These nuggets were picked from several brooks in the heart of Vermont's Gold Rush Region. The Collection was donated when Laurence Curtis died. Unfortunately his gold pans, sluices, and other mining antiques were sold off in a family yard sale. Gold pans, maps, and prospecting gear is still available at…
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